Your Arrival

Your Minke host will be waiting to greet you and lead you upstairs to our stunning purpose-built Gin School. This is the beginning of a magical Gin experience you’ll never forget.


Gin Masterclass

Enjoy your first refreshing Minke G&T as your host teaches you about the history of gin and how to differentiate between the many types of gin on the market today.


Get To Know Botanicals

Now it’s time to get hands on! Taste, smell and touch a range of perfumed and exotic botanicals used in the process of gin making. This is when you will decide which botanicals and what recipe you want to use to create your own unique bottle of gin.


Crafting Your Own Gin

Armed with your selection of mouth-watering botanicals, next you move to the still-house to start the distillation process! Here you are given your own mini-still and now you are master of your own destiny!


Distillery Tour

While your creation is distilling, enjoy a guided tour of the distillery, and learn how we make our special award-winning Minke Gin. Meet Helen of Troy, our magnificent 230L gin still. When you return to your mini-still, your creation will be ready for bottling and taking home.



Congratulations, you are now a Minke Gin Graduate! Your intimate tour ends in our sumptuous Speakeasy bar, where you will enjoy a G&T crafted by your own hand.


But Wait…

It doesn’t have to be over yet.

Why not book a table at our gourmet Whales Tail Bistro to round off a perfect experience!